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Peter Mangone

Peter Mangone RB-5 Manual Clip Gun, Nylon/Steel, Flush

  • Manufacturer Part Number: RB-5
  • Store SKU: H1041642H
  • Peter Mangone RB-5 Manual Clip Gun, Nylon/Steel, Flush

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    • Peter Mangone RB-5

      Utilizes both styles of clips, either RB stand-off or RB flush-mount clips can be applied for radiant® heating and potable water installations. Just load in a strip of clips, align the gun over the tubing and fire away. The RB-5 manual clip gun utilizes RB clips with two nails not staples that are driven 5/8 in into the wood. The result is quick and safe attachment of radiant® heating tubing or plastic water pipe and because no power supply is needed to operate the clip gun, It can be used in any work situation, from new homes to retrofits, At any stage of construction at an very economical cost.

      Material    :    Nylon/Steel
      Mounting Type    :    Flush
      • Fully loaded, the RB-5 manual clip gun weighs only 22 oz
      • Easy to load each strip contains 20 interlocked clips
      • Quick to shoot takes 2 sec to properly apply a clip
      • Lightweight and portable
      • The RB-5 manual clip gun drives the two galvanized nails of the clip 5/8 in into the wood, providing damage-free installations and long-lasting holding power